500W Micro Hydro Water Turbine Single Phase Generator Hydroelectric Magnet Full Copper Core

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Model Number: 0770X
is_customized: Yes
Mounting Base: With Mounting Base
Type: hydro water generator
Nozzle diameter: 1.8CM
Water level Difference: 7-15M
Flow rate: 0.008-0.011m³/s
Material: Copper+Metal

1. With the best NdFeB Permanent Magnet, high-grade pure copper winding, the generator can product power stably and high efficiently.
2. Specially-designed rotor and rotator, low resistance moment in start-up, good at cooling 
3. Gearless, direct -drive, and low rare earth Permanent Magnet Generator, easy and safe for operating and maintenance. 
4. Die casting aluminum alloy case, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant, anti-salt corrosion


This unit can be used in remote areas for temporary power. Customers have connected this unit to a collapsible hose (fire hose) for temporary power while camping.
Suitable for household lighting, TV, electric furnace and other pure resistance household appliances 
NOT suitable for household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, pumps, etc.


Installation Procedure:
After the unit foundation be poured with concrete is solidified, the unit is installed in place and then watered in sequence. The water level must be measured with a level gauge to ensure that the unit is fixed in a horizontal position. The gap between the unit and the floor should be sealed with cement, and no water seepage is allowed. After the unit is installed, check again and turn the turbine shaft of the turbine by hand. If the machine is flexible, the installation is finished.
Installation requirements: The bottom plane of the turbine in close contact with the foundation plane.


500w hydro generator only can be used with the following two conditions:
1) The vertical Water level difference between the unit foundation and the hydro-generator must be in this range:7-15M
2) The water flow must fully fill the water tube that is above 7.5cm diameter all the time 



Output voltage: AC 220V 
Power: 500W 
Nozzle diameter: 1.8CM 
Water level Difference : 7-15M 
Flow rate: 0.008-0.011m³/s
Pressure tube diameter: 8CM (3 inches) 
Weight: 20KG


Package Included:
1x Micro Hydro Generator

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