We started Daluk Green in Los Angeles, California, by the need we saw of an online store to discover everything related to eco-products for those who want to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. At Daluk Green, we are concerned about the environment. We want to offer our customers everything they may need to help with this mission.

    We are continually looking for the best eco-products in the world with the best suppliers to encompass every area of our customer's lives, from the garden to the kitchen, training, travel, camping, fishing, electric vehicles, and much more. In this way, we come up with what our clients need for their renewable lifestyle. In the future, we at Daluk Green will seek to become one of the best shops to supply environmentally friendly products to an international market and help one product at a time make this earth a better and healthier place to live for all of us and the next generations.

    Thank you for joining a new era of eco-products and be part of our Daluk Green world. Enjoy your next purchase by knowing you will help fix the future by doing the right thing in the present.


Daluk Green team
Los Angeles, CA