Drip irrigation system Plant Waterers DIY Automatic drip water spikes taper watering plants automatic houseplant watering 1pcs

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Color: random color
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Sprinkler Type: SPIKE
Model Number: Automatic irrigation
Type: Sprinklers
Name: Plant Waterers
Specifications: See picture
Suitable for: Balcony, flowerpot, plant
Bottle size: 27.6MM
color: random
Packing: 1pcs
weight: 20g

Can be installed and run in minutes

Suitable for most international standards such as cola bottles, sprite bottles, etc.

After the water storage is completed, the water and fertilizer will be sent directly to the roots of the plant;

The automatic watering device needs to be inserted vertically into the soil.



  1. Add water to the plastic bottle;

When using the product, it must be cut at the top of the cola bottle to ensure air circulation, in order to drip irrigation,

  1. Insert the needle into the dirt and adjust the knob to control the flow.

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