Smart Flowerpot Gardening Self-watering Pots Indoor Planter Plant Nursery Pot Hydroponic Growing System With LED Grow Light

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Color: Yellow EU
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Usage Condition: Desktop
Finishing: Not Coated
Style: Modern
Used With: Flower/Green Plant
Type: Nursery Pots
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: ABS
Type: Smart flower pot
Plant pot: Garden self-watering pots
Flowerpot: Hydroponics pot
Nursery pot: Vegetable planter
Size: 25.7x11.1x10.8cm
Power adapter: Input AC100-240,output DC16V 1A
Lamp power: 8W
Life span: Greater than or equal to 35,000 hours
Water storage capacity: 1500ml


KDGPUM Smart Flowerpot is a smart plant light for home and office indoor planting. The product stimulates photosynthesis and solves the problem that indoor lack of sunlight can not be planted. The product also has the function of a plant lamp and table lamp illumination. The product is highly intelligent, making your use handy.

Full light mode: white,blue&red LED will light; light sensation, set up working time for 16 hours.

Plant pure light-supplemented mode:blue&red LED will light; set up working for 16 hours.

3 Reading mode: white LED will light;3 levels of brightness to adjust.


1. Plant Growth Lamp Function: The flowerpot will automatically adjust the fill light intensity according to the ambient light. When the fill light reaches the daily light requirement of the plant, the light is automatically turned off to let the plants rest, and the light is turned on again the next day, so that the daily circulation ensures that the plants have sufficient light and rest time. (The red and blue lights are automatically turned off during the day to avoid the visual incompatibility caused by red light affecting your work, and the red and blue light will be automatically turned on at night to fill the plants.)

2. Highly Automated: you do not need to turn on/off the lights regularly to fill the plants, to avoid the plants can not rest for a long time, or to turn off the lights for a long time.

3. Reading Light Function: reading light has 5 levels of brightness adjustment, adjust to the appropriate brightness, is conducive to protect the eyes. In this mode, the plant growth light function is turned off and the lamp illumination angle can be adjusted 360 degrees.

4.Low Water Level Light Alarm And Warning Tone Double Reminder Function: When the water level in the flower pot is less than the lowest scale, the red indicator light flashes, and every two minutes, the two-alarm sounds are issued, and the alarm prompt is removed after the water is replenished. 

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