5 Great Electric Scooters

 5 Great Electric Scooters

   Needless to say that these days the urge for vehicles with a low carbon footprint or with zero emissions is an urge more than ever. Also, the city's increasing traffic has turned every body's attention to a more efficient and versatile vehicle that could deal with this issue. The Electric scooters are lightweight, practical, easy to ride, and can get you to work even faster than your vehicle car in some cases. If you are looking for a good quality e-scooter that will go the distance at the proper speed for the best price, check out the five best electric scooters in the market below.

  1.The Imoving Street Beast

This beast comes with a strong 1000 watts motor that will take to the fantastic speed of 40 km/h for a long-range of 45-50 km. With an incredible maximum load of 130 kg, the Street Beast was designed in an aluminum steel frame with front and rear independent disc mechanical brakes. Its 48V 13 AH is very capable can powered this beast to climbing slopes even of 30 degrees, the charging time is of only 5-6 hours. You can depend on this e-scooter for a working day or a day off trip through town for a very affordable price.

  1. Rolley

Define by Scooterson as brilliant yet straightforward, the Rolley design is unique, one of the best seen in the scooters world. Designed in California, engineered in Singapore, and manufacture in a top aerospace European factory. Made of the best materials ever used on a scooter. Carbon-reinforced polymer body and precision-machined aerospace-grade alloy parts, on a 3D bent aluminum alloy chassis. Perfectly balanced makes you have a smooth ride at 15-28 mph. The Rolley comes equipped with special features' that you can follow up with your smartphone. With a powerful 48 volt battery with a cycle life of 500 charges and 750 watts impressive motor, this e scooter was made for a long-range. While you are in the Smart-mode, there is no need for the acceleration throttle, the scooter understands how you want to ride. The Rolley has redefined E-scooter's future; you better get your pre-order now with Scooterson before they run out.

  1. Swagger 5 Elite


 The swagtron-5-folding-electric-scooter might not be the biggest in size of the list but do not get confused because this e-scooter will take you long at a reasonable speed. Being foldable is very portable, with only 27.5 pounds, is easy to carry or store in a car's trunk, closets, or beneath subway seats. The 250 w electric hub motor allows speeds up to 18 miles per hour and rolling over inclined 20 degrees slopes. Recharge your Swagger 5 elite lithium battery for 3.5 hours for 6-12 miles of travel to handle even 320 pounds, impressive for such a small E-scooter. You can also download the Swagger app for enhanced features. Switch riding modes, plan your route with GPS, and much more. You can hardly beat the price of $299.99 on these products with the same features. Start your adventure and go for the ride!

  1. Ninebot KickScooter


 The Ninebot KickScooter by Segway is one the most beautiful designs in the market with all the features' you might need in an E scooter. Being lightweight and foldable allows you to carry it with you on public transportation or in your car's trunk. The KickScooter is equipped with internal and external lithium-ion batteries and a powerful 600 W motor that allows you to reach up to 15.5 mph on a 28 mile range, handling even 15 degrees slope. With electric and mechanical brakes plus front shock absorption. The built-in display shows your speed and remaining battery. You can also add many different accessories to your scooter like a seat, phone holder, bag bundle, external battery pack. Do not think twice; this e-scooter has all you need for good price value of $699.99.


  1. Turboant X7

  Let’s take a look at this dynamic yet powerful scooter with its 350 W motor hub ensures a top speed of 20MPH and a 19-mile range. Not bad at all, considering that is weight makes it very portable to carry in the bag of your car’s trunk. The battery pack has some decent specs 36V 6.4 Ah 23.-0.4 Wh lithium-ion. The charging takes somewhere between two and four hours, which are pretty good considering the long-range you can travel. It has three ride modes: Slope-climbing, medium gear, High-speed gear. It can handle 15 degrees slope on climbing gear. The Turbo provides an excellent ride for city riding far superior to many of its competitors. Is long-range, and speed is more than enough to daily people’s need. The scooter is sturdy and has flat-resistant tubeless pneumatic tires and a removable battery pack. You better take a look at this one since the price is not bad all considering its feature.