5 Best Portable Solar Power Banks

5 Best Portable Solar Power Banks

  At the end all our expensive technology devices are only as good as their battery life is, and if you are outdoors and there is none electric source close to you, that is a problem. While solar panels are suitable for charging your device, they are not acceptable when there is no sun unless they have an internal battery pack. So the best is to have a power bank and a solar bank to keep with all your needs. Now you can get them either together or as separate items depending on your needs. With different capacities and features, they can keep all our gadgets charged. Below you will see some of the best products currently on the market so you can have an idea and choose the best.

1 OUTEX Rugged Solar Power Bank

   The best about this solar power bank is its strong durability. The power bank is waterproof, rated IP67, and dust-proof. You can submerge in water, and it will be okay or keep it attaches to the exterior or a backpack. That will help keep the power bank's charge for a more extended period since the charging time is approximately 70 hours using only sunlight. You can charge an average device up to 4 times. You can also use the battery to power the three-mode flashlight . It is ideal for those looking for solar power support that could bare the outdoor elements. Some of the cons are the small battery capacity and the long charging period.

2 ALLPOWERS 15000mAh Power Bank

 The ALLPOWERS POWER BANK ultra-compact external battery with dual USB ports is lightest, economically smart. It comes with a high-quality Li-polymer battery; it is higher efficiency and safer than a 18650 lithium battery. With two USB Output Ports, you can charge two devices simultaneously, also compatible with most 5V USB-Charged devices. The built-in LED can also be used as a torch or emergency lighting in darkness; the flashing light can be used as an S.O.S.Built-in electronic cigarette lighter is more convenient for you to light your cigarette. With a rugged design, water-resistant, dust-proof, and shock-resistant, is ideal for outdoor activity. Considering that this device's total charging time is 50 hours just with solar light, it is good that you always keep it outside, face to the sun to keep the charge as much as possible.

 3 Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh 

 The Hiluckey Solar charger with four foldable highly efficient panels converts solar power faster with 5w and an input current, which is 4-6 times faster than other solar changer power pack that only have one panel. If you add it up to a powerful 25000mAh high capacity built-in lithium-polymer battery pack, you can charge a regular smartphone up to 10 times. With two USB ports that offer high 2.1. It has a high speed charging you can do two devices simultaneously; compatible with all phone models, it detects and matches the output current to protect your device from over-current,over-voltage, or overheating. It has nine built-in bright Led lights that can be used as emergency light with three modes. The in ports are protected by a cover making it weatherproof, dustproof. It is the right choice when you have multiple devices, and you’re a are looking for fast charging time, not only of your gadgets but also of the power bank.

 4 Allpowers Solar Power Bank 6W


Allpowers come with a high solar panel efficiency rating of 21% in good sunlight. It also comes with a robust li-polymer battery of 100000mAh capacity. The maximum solar power charging is 21 watts. You can charge two devices simultaneously with an output of 5V 3 A, which gives a quick charge. The charger is widely compatible with most cell phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Sony, and Nexus. The fact that the power banks come with three solar panels makes a faster charge of the power bank. Store energy and supply power to your device whenever you need it. It has a beautiful design and a great price.