Coolest Small Electric Vehicles

Renault Twizy

Twizy is a small electric vehicle with a cool futuristic urban design. We can consider a few advantages on this quadricycle; it is simple to park and maneuver, guaranteed grins with every drive. It is, without a doubt, a beautiful vehicle to drive in spare time on sunny daylight. But in bad weather is not the best option since the Renault Twizy lacks proper doors and, therefore, of any source climate system control. It is not an everyday vehicle. It is more like a recreational EV that will contend more with scooters or trikes than with a regular four-wheel car. Driven gently, you might reach a 62-mile range before you demand to charge it again. With the top speed of 50 mph, you will probably have a much lower capacity. You can take a passenger on the back seat. The interior is not so amazing as the outside but is very comfortable. A plus is that the price for a full charge that will give you a 50 miles range at least, cost you around $1.96. The larger issue with this car, other than not being able to handle the weather well, is the lack of a good suspension. You should not be going out of the urban paved area if possible. The price of this Renault is not a bad one at $7000.

The Carver

This one is a 365 days electric 3-wheeled vehicle that is hard to define as a car, a motorcycle, a scooter, or just "The Carver." It has a beautiful cool aerodynamic design with a superior, unique tilting technology that automatically controls your balance in curves, slopes, or uneven terrain. The system guarantees you the correct distribution of gravity of the vehicle under all conditions. Being an enclosed vehicle, you are protected from the weather all the time so that you can use it under different weather conditions. The Carver uses two electric motors of 2KW, each one that can impulse the EV to a maximum speed of 45 km/h up to 100 km. The Carver has enough space for two adults sitting one behind the other, and a cargo capacity of 75 liters. You can also open a frame on the roof to receive the sun on a nice day. Many said that the Carver's driving experience when tilting on curves and slopes is like flying on the road. You can currently reserve yours since they already started delivering the first carve; the final price is $11,028.00.

Arcimoto SRK

The Arcimoto is a semi-enclosed three-wheeled electric vehicle. It has a trike configuration with two wheels at the front, which guarantees more stability than the two wheels' traditional design on the rear cars. Arcimoto has finally started deliveries over ten years since the project start. The top “Evergreen Edition” has an 81 HP motor, to achieve 60 mph in 7.5 seconds and speed up to 75 mph. With a 20KWh that will give you a range of 100 miles inside the city. We know that aerodynamics is not the strength of non-enclosed vehicles, so the range is lower on the highway at 55 mph, and 32 miles at 70 mph. The top speed of the Arcimoto is about 75 mph, pretty decent compared to other tree wheeled electric vehicles. Now, if there is any lack in the Arcimoto of range or speed, there is plenty of fun, style, and personality. Wherever you go with this EV, the looks will follow, and more than one will approach you to inquire about this beauty. Some of the extras are heated seats, heated grips, a phone mount, lockable storage, a cup holder, and removable half-doors. There are more models in the oven, including the Deliverator, a three-wheeled electric vehicle designed primarily for deliveries. The Arcimoto comes with a three year, 36,000-mile warranty. The price up to the date is about $19,900.00. The company wants to set up the price around $11,000 eventually, but as Tesla believes it is better to start with the higher-priced versions first.