Best Solar Tube Lights

Solar tubes are tubular devices that help capture the natural solar light and are directed inside the house to dark spaces. The system name is called Tubular Day Lightning Devices. With a rooftop dome, it captures light and diffuses to the interior with its reflective tube providing natural sunlight; some of them have a solar-charged light to be used at night. The solar tubes will help you light your interior without increasing your electricity bill.

Solatube 290DS


One of the many cool features of this product is that it can customize to your ceiling's shape, avoiding any significant change to your roof and reducing cost since you do not have to modify anything.
It can deliver light up to 300 sqft areas and using a tube as long as 30 feet, which is impressive. It is the perfect solution in scenarios where it is impossible to build a window, and a Skylight window is not possible. Of all the home improvements you can do, this one has the best outcome for the least expense. You can execute it fast, cheap, and effective. The natural light you received using Solatube is a significant benefit to dark rooms where there are no windows, and you want to turn down your electricity bill. It is quite miraculous to consider how much light emanates from it even when the light is low outdoors and even under the moonlight.
There is no heat loss since Solatube is designed to avoid heat interchange from inside to outside and vice versa. It's not a window, but it is a significant light source in an otherwise dark room. It is pretty easy to set up on your roof, with no leaking or condensation.

Sun Tunnel Velux 10” Skylight


Rigid tunnels are recommended, especially when there is a straight, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling. They are straightforward to install, now you can forget about that dark area of your house. Fix the problem in the most effective low-cost way with a brighter natural light. If you need a flexible tunnel, you can also get the Flexible Model Sun Tunnel.
Sun Tunnel Dome is designed to capture light as much as possible and send it through the exceptional engineer reflective tunnel into your darkroom, transmitting the purest natural light with no color added. The dome also comes in different models with angle adjustment, including a flat one with a low profile glass that will not affect your roof's aspect.
At night VELUX Solar Night Light captures available sunlight to charge its concealed battery and power the night light's LED bulbs. That way, you will always have light where you need it at a low cost. Velux tunnels are made of the best materials and will last long.




Without a doubt, the Solar tubes are one of the most eco-friendly lights on the market since you are using the natural light of the sun, avoiding using electricity, and leaving a carbon footprint. One of the critical aspects when choosing a Solar Tube is to check out the durability of the material and the easy installment. The ODL EZ14 is made of very durable polyethylene and has a UV protected acrylic dome that is very efficient and easy to install. This product is ideal for asphalt roof and will last for a long time. It is a very compact size, and it can illuminate up to 300 square feet of room.
The ODL ESZ14 is one of the best options for a perfect price; you will not regret using it on your next light project at home.