One of the best ways of dealing with organic garbage at home is through composting. It is not only discomposing the trash, so it can be more eco-friendly, but it can also be used as organic matter for plants at home instead of using chemical fertilizers to damage your soil and health. About 30 percent of your garbage can be composted. The garbage that is not composted is not going to reach landfill waste. It will take longer to decompose because of the lack of air, producing methane gas, which will increment global warming when liberated into the atmosphere.
Currently, there are many good bin composters with different prices and features, so you can start your composting project and help to have a better world.



The Im4000 tumbling composter with an impressive 37 gallons capacity, with 8 sided dual chambers. It makes your composting an easy and efficient process, input your organic garbage and turn 5-6 times every 2 -3 days, and it's ready. Depending on the sun and the compost ingredients, you can have your finished product in as little as two weeks. The certainty that it has two separate chambers is excellent because you can have one compartment for the older compost and one available for new organic garbage. That way, you can move from one to another while you start harvesting your garden's first product. It's perfect for beginners since there is not much process involved. Made of very strong recycle polypropylene, UV resistant. With inside fins to help break down any garbage clumps inside, and holes for excellent aeration. The galvanized frame is corrosion resistant. Help to change the world and stop sending all your garbage to landfills while producing excellent organic food for your plants and gardens.


2. Miracle-Gro Composter C1105MG

This small tumbling composter was made in the USA with a 28-gallons capacity. Durable, heavy-duty materials and construction with a unique aeration system help accelerate your organic waste decomposition. It is effortless to assemble coming with a simple side locking mechanism for input and output, UV resistant, with internal fins and holes for proper aeration. It has a convenient size; it is better to buy at least two of them, that way, you add a batch of garbage to one and compost for a few weeks while including a new one to the next one. The price is less than $100.


3. Algreen Products Soil Saver

Being a vertical classic composter bin comes with a considerable volume capacity of 90 gallons and self-watering lit. Heavy-duty made of 100% recycled thick resin is the perfect model for anybody looking for large volume and endurance. With two sliding doors for quickly and conveniently accessing your compost material. The panels and lids come with holes for enhanced aeration to further aid the composting process. It also comes with a free composting guide to help you go through all the process. Help the environment while you also help your economy producing rich nutrient organic soil for your garden. With an excellent price, this product pays for itself pretty soon.


4. Kitchen Waste Earthworm

In this scenario, we are using worms to help us do the compost. Worms eat food scraps, which become compost as they pass through the worm's body. The final product is one of the best rich humus you can get. The Kitchen Earthworm Box is a three tray worm factory, and in the end, you can also recollect liquid fertile tea and the compost soil material. You only have to get the worm and start feeding them, and the Kitchen Waste box makes the rest. 

 How It Works:

 1) You start with just one tray of worms, feeding them handfuls of food scraps and topping each deposit with shredded paper or dried leaves (which keep the compost from smelling or attracting fruit flies and eventually get eaten by the worms as well).

 2) Then, once the tray is filled, you add another one on top, containing a starter pile of more scraps. The worms, seeking new food, migrate upward through the holes in the original tray's bottom and leave you with a bottom tray full of beautiful compost. When the second tray is complete, you add another one on top, and so on until you have a short tower of compost-filled trays, a self-contained worm industrial complex.

 It is perfect for home use, will help you with the kitchen waste and your garden's needs.