Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems


 Outdoor temperatures fluctuate through the changing seasons, but the underground temperature doesn't t change so dramatically, and it usually stays around 50-degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, the Geothermal System consists of using a pump to move the heat from inside the house through water pipes and irradiate to the ground where the temperature is always 50 degrees. When what you want to do is heating the house is the same process, the house's cold will dissipate in the 50 degrees of the ground. The Geothermal pumps stay safely inside your home, and the pipes are buried underground. The lines that make up a loop are usually made of strong plastic material and can be concealed under the ground horizontally or vertically, depending on the characteristics of the place you want to put it.
We will mention a few of the best geothermal systems available currently on the market.

Geothermal ClimateMaster Trilogy 45


Up to 70 percent of the energy you used in a house is for heating, cooling, and water heating. The geothermal ClimateMaster will give you around 80 % of this energy from the underground temperature. One of the many features of this product is that it is very efficient with energy use, so the pump thermostat will start and stop once the temperature is reached on the thermostat. It can also lower your heating water cost with a continuous flow and 500 % more efficiency than conventional water heaters. Systems. Geothermal uses only one electricity unit to move up to five cooling units or heating from the earth to a building.
The systems use special air filters for better indoor air quality, removing dust and pollen.
The ClimateMaster water pump systems come with a ten-year warranty and an underground loop pipe system of 50 years.

Ventiflex Plus Air System


The Ventiflex Plus air system, instead of changing the temperature of the water, changes the air temperature. So the external air goes into the loop pipes buried and is cooled to the temperature of the ground and goes into the house more cool or hot, depending on if it is winter or summer. In winter, they allowed you to use the earth's heat to preheat the air dispensed to your house. While in the summer, this allows the air to cool effectively, providing a comfortable indoor climate.
It is the futuristic system of fittings, consisting of 11 basic modules from which you can build different configurations. It permits you to make the mechanical ventilation system in an easy and fast way. Without a doubt, this is a new and efficient way of heating or cooling the house with low costs compared to standard air conditioning or heating carbon footprint devices.