Wind Generators

Wind Energy

The wind is a kinetic free energy supply. New technologies are making energy systems with large amounts of wind energy easier to manage. Wind turbines can operate at lower wind speeds and to be more aligned with the increasing demand. Wind turbines are mounted on a tower to capture most of the energy. At 100 feet or more above the ground, they can take advantage of the faster and less turbulent winds. Turbines catch the wind's energy with their blades, which spin a generator that produces electricity. Wind turbines are often grouped to make better use of energy, reducing environmental impact. There are currently many domestic used with smaller models to produce electricity at the farm or in boats or even at home. We will mainly see a few of the best, most efficient available at the market right now.

2000 Watt 11 Blade Missouri General Freedom II Wind Turbine


A fair wind generator represents a high cost, something the future owner should keep in mind. It is necessary to try to find a very low-cost maintenance product. That is something good about Missouri Freedom II, and it was built with excellent materials, fully hot dipped galvanized, the hub is zinc plated. I am talking that it will not rust or need any painting under normal conditions for maybe even years. The blades are capable of support winds of 120 miles per hour, and they have a lifetime warranty that they will not break, of course, under normal use. The permanent magnet generator can produce up to 2000 watts maximum, with a start cut-in wind speed of 4 miles per hour.
Freedom II is one of the best currently at the market; its hard to get anything better for the price.

Primus Wind Power Air 40



Primarily used only for land, the Primus Air 40 is capable of handling medium to high winds. With three-blade carbon molded composite an aluminum body. It can be used in multiple configurations and applications. You can also have id as a supplement for a solar system battery supply. The Primus Air 40 can produce 40 kWh a month with an average wind speed of 21 kilometers per hour with a cut-in wind speed of 12 kilometers per hour.
You have to note that you cannot directly connect the Air 40 to your power inverter. The wind generator will connect to a battery bank and the inverter to the batteries. The price of this product is hard to beat.

The Automaxx Windmill 1500 watts



The Automax windmill integrated braking system to protect from sudden high wind or lousy wind weather. It is rated at a maximum output of 1500 watts, and the voltage systems are 24 V is better if you use 200A or larger batteries. The Automaxx is made of unique, high-quality materials and sealed for weather protection with a three-blade mill. UV protection coating, sudden voltage surge and wind gust, high wind speeds with integrated automatic braking system + manual braking switch, and overcharging of the battery. Cut-in wind is 5.6 mph.
The warranty is one year from the manufacture, with an excellent competitive price.